Paul mendoza

For Vallecitos Water District
Division 2
Fighting for lower water rates, safe drinking water and stable water supplies.
Paul Mendoza family photo.

About Paul

CSU San Marcos Graduate, Small Business Owner

Utility Experience

Paul Mendoza worked in the utility industry for 9 years designing software and algorithms. Paul has a patent for smart meter disaggregation. Paul designed and implemented demand response programs, grid optimization tooling, leak detection and theft detection algorithms.


Paul is raising a family with his wife Noelle and their two children. They've lived in San Marcos for 15 years. Paul cares about the families in our community. Paul wants to make sure the drinking water stays safe and available. Families in San Marcos expect a stable water future.

Small Business Owner

Paul founded the company SigParser in San Marcos. The business does deep AI analysis of digital communications. Paul understands finances and how to manage budgets which will be critical in managing the $100M water district budget. Paul also understands how to manage employees and the complexities of a larger organization from past positions..

Paul cares about rate payers

Water districts have two constituencies. Rate payers (like Paul and most voters) and developers. Paul wants to make sure rate payers are being protected from higher water bills and that developers pay their fair share.

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Phone - 760-917-3753

Paul's Priorities

As director of division 2, Paul Mendoza will:

Water Rates

Our water rates are going up again. We've all received the notification. We need to make sure we aren't over paying for our water.

California's most severe drought in 1200 years is impacting the entire region's water supply. As supplies dwindle the price we pay for water, especially imported water, is at risk.

Supply Diversity

Supply diversity will help ensure we aren't put at risk by a single supply source failure. For example, the Vallecitos Water District receives 23% of its water from the Carlsbad Desalination plant. The San Diego County Water Authority provides most of the rest of the water to Vallecitos Water District. The SDCWA gets much of it's water from the MET. We need to push more projects such as the imported water from the Imperial Valley.

Safe Water

The safety of our water is critical to our community. There are many communities in the United States where the water is unsafe to drink. This is an unacceptable situation. Careful monitoring of our water supplies from all sources is required to ensure we don't put our water supplies at risk.

Additionally, we need to makes sure our sewer treatment plants aren't pushing large volumes of untreated sewer water onto our beaches when there is a storm.

Climate Change

Climate change is no longer up for debate. The Colorado river has dropped 20% over the last 20 years. We need to protect our water supply against the threat of climate change. We're entering an age of water fights where water has been over allocated to states. We must act swiftly to protect our water supplies.

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